Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are defined and govern the commercial relations between the company (eWrought Iron) and buyer/customer, unless otherwise specified by commercial and criminal law.

The parties: 

1. eWrought Iron named "the company" herein

2. Buyer(s)/Clients


The company's rights:

  • The company has the right to refuse any wrought iron order and must refund in full in 10(ten) working days any wrought iron order that has been placed and paid either in full or as an advance which cannot be fully and by our standards fulfilled, residing in the fault of the company or a supplier of the company in which the wrought iron component or wrought iron furniture has become unavailable, not supported by courier or any other reason which can cause the impossibility of the wrought iron order's fulfillment.   
  • The company has the right to modify without prior notice all prices present on the online shop for wrought iron components and furniture
  • The company is not liable for delays in shippment third party related, and, as to the best of our ability and haste we shall try to keep a perfect record of the stated wrought iron delivery times. 

The customer's rights:

  • The customer is entitled to receive a full refund. Cost of shippment is supported by the buyer when the order is dispatched from our quarters and from the customer back to us. 
  • If by any chance order cannot be processed your money shall be disbursed through PayPal payment interface by rejecting payment